Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Borussia's new coach

His work complete, Hans Meyer once again exhibited great care for Borussia as he stepped down at the end of the season. Citing the need for the club to have a younger coach, the now-legendary legendary stepped aside for what he believed to be the best interest of Borussia. There is only one word needed to describe such a move; leader.

Now in the wake of this move die Fohlen have acted fast and appointed Michael Frontzeck as coach. For Borussia, it hopefully leads towards a long-term solution of coaching as the forty-five year old former player of over 250 appearances for the club, deeply recognizes its traditions.

Taken in lump sum the work of Hans Meyer can not or will not be forgotten. Through his genius and simple command of "courage", Borussia did what others felt impossible. Now, after his noble stepping down, the next generation of leadership can take the club forward and none better Borussia-man Michael Frontzeck.