Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bochum defeats Eintracht 2-0

Secure of their spot in the Bundesliga next season, Eintracht dropped Saturday's match 2-0 to Bochum. A strong group of traveling die Adler supporters, never to be held back in their efforts made the short trip to the Bochumer Stadion. The streets were packed and the always notable presence of Germany's best fans could not be slowed. Efforts to inspire our team who will never surrender, were highly vocal and definitely were well received by the team.

Needing to shuffle the lineup Chris, Michael Fink and Sebastian Jung came in for Habib Bellaid, Nikos Liberopoulos and Patrick Ochs. After Eintracht came up empty with a few good scoring chances, notably Alexander Meier's effort cleared off the line, Bochum took a 1-0 lead as Joël Epalle's cross from the left was headed in by Vahid Hashemian. After the break Nikos Liberopoulos was brought-in but the striking tandem still couldn't break through. Finally with eighteen minutes left Diego Klimowicz sent in a loss ball after a series of efforts by Hashemian and Epalle were saved by Markus Pröll. Eintracht came close late with Markus Steinhöfer and Alexander Meier driving to the last minutes but the match ended 2-0.

Eintracht's farewell performance of the year features HSV at Waldstadion and as always support will imposing.