Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jermaine Beckford to move from Leeds

Following the playoff loss to Millwall, the hearty cheer of Leeds storming towards automatic promotion next year was echoed throughout the Elland Road set. Unfortunately, as foretold in the earliest stages of the previous campaign, should Leeds not win promotion the task would be far more complicated in the upcoming season as a number of players would move on. While that comment was likely far too quiet for anyone to hear, the warning shot across the bow is now loud and clear as the days of Jermaine Beckford playing for the Whites is numbered.

Choosing to not extend his contract which expires at the end of next season, the striker has effectively secured his fate and will be shopped around for the best price. Despite Ken Bates waiving Leeds colours in the twenty-five year-old strikers direction, this is not a matter of loyalty and certainly not the fault of Mr. Beckford. He has effectively done all that he can do in League One and if he is to play at a higher level he cannot afford to wait any longer. It is a sad fact but Leeds had its opportunity, he served the club well but they were unable to "move up" with him and it is simply the a course of competitive sport.

At this stage, Leeds should be shuffling its negotiating cards and try to attract the best possible offer as soon as possible. As of this date, they've done "well" by using the media to announce that they are willing to keep him for the upcoming campaign and receive nothing for him in next years signing rather than sell him cheaply now. While such a tactical plan if truthful would be pure madness, the general sentiment is that newly relegated sides Middlesbrough and Newcastle are top contenders for his services along with Coventry City and Queens Park Rangers who are desperate need of attacking prowess.

Summarily while this issue is a hotbed for Leeds supporters, it is one that should have been expected. The club did not press winning automatic promotion enough last year and could pay for it dearly with personnel changes. The club will be facing a series of other losses and it will be tested on retaining a number of players including Fabian Delph, Robert Snodgrass, Ben Parker, Aidan White, Tom Elliott and Luciano Becchio.