Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hoffenheim defeats Arminia Bielefeld 2-0

After twelve straight weeks of being without a win in the Rückrunde, 1899 won its second in four days, defeating Arminia Bielefeld 2-0. Bielefeld, in a relegation fight, were focused on limiting scoring chances and with the exception of a few costly events accomplished their tactical plan.

Bielefeld were clearly the leader of the match early but after coming up empty on a few good chances they allowed the opening goal as a long pass deflected off the chess of defender Andre Mijatović straight to Wellington who drove the ball to the opposite lower left corner. The home side came back but scoring chances gradually slowed. Finally with eight minutes left Mijatović was adjudged a penalty as he had contact with Demba Ba on the left side of the area. It was a controversial call but but regardless, Sejad Salihović converted from the spot and 1899 had a 2-0 victory.