Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rangers SPL title hope

The final weekend of each campaign is often the judge of a teams claret. Do they possess the mettle to press on against the stresses and strains of a full year, to close-out an opportunity for greatness or will they wilt under pressure. This is surely the road the Rangers go down on Sunday as a victory over Dundee United will guarantee they win the SPL crown.

Two points about Celtic, the Rangers can end their rivals three reign of the SPL with a victory. Fortune has certainly fallen the Gers way as their tumultuous season, starting with the fallout from the loss to FBK Kaunas in Champions League qualifying to the endless financial rumours. However a late season swoon by Celtic opened the door for the Rangers and they have rarely faltered.

However the task will be great for the Rangers as Dundee Utd can book a date to the Europa League with a point. In the end this comes down the the classic test, two sides with much on the line going toe-to-toe. It is a well-worn story-line but in matches such as these but the victor will be the side who "out-wants" the other.