Thursday, May 21, 2009

Diego Milito sold to Inter Milan

Such a telling time of year, Aprill with his shoures soote has now passed and the Footballing world as begun its panoramic fade to black as the tale concludes. Hero's have risen that will forever be remembered with a glint eyed vision in time.

The people of Genova will forever remember the year of 2009 as the time their little
Rossoblu climbed to the top of the Footballing world. In only a blink of an eye, their story went from the rapturous delight of returning to Serie A to going toe to toe with titans of the sport with Il Principe leading the charge. A simple story really, the hero rides in and plays out the hopes of dreams of the townspeople that only a youthful heart could have painted with such rich colours. Yet in the final act, when the moment is about to take the step towards lore that will be remembered through time, fate jumps in and washes the canvass to black as Diego Milito has been be sold to Inter Milan for gold, trinkets and everything else that means nothing to those that bleed for this club.

Across the press-wire it was announced in straight, efficient and unsuspecting fashion that Genoa president Enrico Preziosi has agreed to sell Diego Milito and Thiago Motta to Inter Milan, adding that Sergio Floccari would be jettisoned in from Atalanta. Rumours continued that Robert Acquafresca would be making his way to the Genoa after being on loan to Sardinia’s Cagliari. Straight, efficient and to the point as well as lacking a morsel of journalistic review, questioning and anything else you would hope for by the modern media.

To some, this deal will make "sense" as the rumoured replacements are certainly quite capable and the cash flow will certainly provide the club the ability to bolster its depth. However there is a stench to it that doesn't sit right when the league champion sweeps in before the curtain has dropped to purchase your best player. There are no remedies, the game has bought and sold itself many a time now and backroom deals are not simply maddening to the fans but equally raises an suspecting eyebrow in how these are orchestrated.

Said in many a way, vivere senza rimpianti or if you will Non, je ne regrette rien, the club will regret taking its hero from the people.