Friday, May 29, 2009

Newcastle slices 120 jobs

As Newcastle continues to deal with relegation fallout, an entire new round of cutbacks have come to volition in day six, that is a great deal more sobering. While management and pundits mull over a list of players salaries amassing £887k per week, the club eliminated 120 administrative positions today.

There isn't a single player anywhere that can ease the sorrow of a family when a member loses their job. I care little of the little darlings who make a annual salary and more each week, regardless of their ability on the pitch, when men and women lose their jobs. The economic downturn in the area has been a painful one but this cuts like a razor and should any player, one single player debate why he shouldn't take a massive pay cut, I suggest they visit the families who will have difficulty putting food before their loved ones.

Whilst management and fans review the salary list, including players they want to keep on the squad, remember the families who know face a more challenging financial future.