Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bill Kenwright credits David Moyes as one of the best

Gushing with pride on EvertonTV, chairman Bill Kenwright said:

I can remember ten, 12 years ago, people would, sadly, say ‘Everton were one of the top six’ - and we were.

"When the Premier League was first mooted all those years ago, it was always (talk of) the top six clubs and Everton were one of them. Now, we are, by right, one of the top six clubs again. We aren’t in terms of money, we are, definitely, in terms of history, but I think we are in terms of today and tomorrow now. If I can take some share in that then fantastic – but it’s not me, it’s David Moyes."

"It was David Moyes who came in, and I remember right from the word go, it was his decision to bring the age of the players down.

"(He said to me) every year make sure you can give me one major signing and I will fill up the rest."

"What the fans don’t know, and what is my privilege, is how much actual work he puts in to every game," he continued. "You might think all managers do; this manager is painstaking in his research, in his knowledge of the opposition and getting across to the players what they will come up against.

"Not a lot has changed in David’s attitude since he arrived but a lot has changed in the stature of this football club.

"I can remember saying within months of him arriving that he was going to be one of the great managers; I think he is one of the great managers now.

"There’s no shadow of doubt about that, he’s one of football’s great managers."