Monday, December 29, 2008

Ricardo La Volpe reports

With the return of Ricardo La Volpe to the club the question looms how will the mental approach to the club change. Clearly one of the worst clubs in the La Primera División Apertura, the Rayados took it's winter "training" with a less-than competitive streak in Cancún and I am hopeful, a ploy to highlight the severity of work imposed by Mr. La Volpe. With the tactical genius back, the club will now focus on his learning his system but also establishing the discipline and fighting spirit that has been lacking. With the likes of Luis Alonso Sandoval, Diego Martínez, Juan Carlos Medina, Aldo de Nigris and Gerardo Galindo now part of the lineup, the club will have a tremendously different side to augment the brilliance of Humberto Suazo for the opening match against Puebla on January 17.