Monday, December 29, 2008

Walter Smith waits for offers

The Rangers hopes to add some new blood to the squad when the transfer window opens is dependent upon unloading a number of players as the club will take a firm stance on maintaining a positive balance with respect to transfers and operating salaries. In addition the financial realities, Walter Smith is keen on paring down the squad a morsel:

“We have too many lads in the group who are not playing and they don’t like that, which means it’s not conducive to having a good squad.”

However, plans might need to be moved to the back-burner as Jean-Claude Darcheville’s move to Valenciennes is the only transfer that is on solid ground. Rumours of Nacho Novo move to Deportivo de La Coruña as well as situations involving Andrius Velicka and Charlie Adam have yet to materialize and could prove to be the undoing of future efforts.