Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Paul Le Guen out with Paris Saint-Germain

Although brewing for quite some time, Paris Saint-Germain surprised many when it formally announced "will not be renewing the contract of coach Paul Le Guen, which expires on June 30, 2009".

Monsieur Le Guen featured as a stalwart defender for les Rouge et Bleu throughout most of the 1990's and with the club in a perilous relegation fight in January 2007 they turned to the former captain to lead them as manager. Under his guidance the Parisians Coupe de la Ligue, fought to the latter stages of the UEFA Cup and are vying for a Champions League berth as he departs.

While few substantiated details have emerged it is a black spot on Chairman Sébastien Bazin's role within PSG to have such a brilliant young leader leave the club and further questions Colony Capital's commitment to ownership.

Rumours of Monsieur Le Guen future are swirling as clubs jockey for his services, with notable commentary of Rennais being interested in his services once again as well Turkey's Fenerbahçe.