Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wolfsburg falls 4-1 to Stuttgart

In the annals of coaching, Felix Magath's decision this week to announce he is leaving the club at season's end will be remembered for one of the most unprofessional decisions made in the sport. While Mr. Magath is a superb coach, his decision to do so directly impacted on his sides mindset resulting in today's 4-1 blowout loss against Stuttgart. Combined with Bayern's win, Wolfsburg is now level with the defending champion and while it certainly does not end the championship hopes it deeply questions the managers leadership and for that matter his ethical intention of the announcement knowing full well its impact.

The storyline of the day was shared with a team, that being Markus Babbel's Stuttgart seizing the opportunity and playing as a collective unit against a rag-tag group knowing full-well its coach has defected. While Mr. Magath as attempted to his explain his rationale for leaving for Schalke, albeit in a highly convoluted manner, it nonetheless devastated the underpinnings of the club.

Although the match had all the makings of an incredible battle it was in-truth a slaughter too painful to watch. Wolfsburg was not a first place side but merely a mid-table side, head hung low and dissected by a club following a superb young leader in Markus Babbel, who after finishing his playing career in Stuttgart, took up the coaching profession. Behind Mr. Babbel, the home side filleted Wolfsburg for two goals by Mario Gómez in the first twenty minutes and despite Edin Džeko's mark nine minutes before the break Stuttgart was in clear control. After the break Super Mario continued on with two more strikes and while Felix Magath's ranted of his sides poor performance, he brought in on to himself.

Now the test for Wolfsburg is to unite as a team as they head down the final three matches. This isn't such as easy examination as it will require closed-door meetings of players-only, to address the issue and find a way for internal leadership.