Thursday, January 15, 2009

of course Kaká will discuss the deal

While the Football media is still off-base at what this deal is really about, endless reports now exist of how Kaká might be interested in discussing the deal with Manchester City.

Kaká’s spokesperson Diogo Kotscho opened the door to speculation when speaking to the BBC Radio Five Live:

"If Milan agree and give us authorization to talk with them, we would speak to Manchester City.

"It is a great proposal. It is near £100million. It is not impossible (that Kaka could sign for City). But for us it is not only about money, we don't need only money.

"We have to have a good project and a winning project. It can be a project for the long term (to be) a top team in the world.''

Naturally his representative will respond as such because he is using the media in a carefully crafted ploy to bid the rebuttal up but not by AC Milan, but underlying business entities. While much of the media seems to think this entire acquisition is purely about on-pitch performance, they are missing how the deal directly relates to the global position of the Man City brand, the carefully crafted implementation of ex-Nike man Gary Cook as Chief executive of Man City that involves long-term plans with Nike, the massive market-share battle between Nike and Adidas that includes Nike's £285 acquisition of Umbro as well as its sponsorship proposal of the FA training academy and the stated intent of Disney’s ESPN acquiring broadcast rights of the English Premier League.

Expect this opera to continue. With £100million on the line, in addition to £500k weekly wages being bantered around, this won't be dismissed so quickly