Monday, February 2, 2009

Genoa defeats Palermo with last gasp goal

Genoa's dream season continues as the club now stands fourth in the Serie A table following a 1-0 victory over Palermo at Stadio Luigi Ferraris. The victory was far from easy as Sicilian squad put forth a brilliant effort and as the match appeared to ending in nil draw before Domenico Criscito nudged in the ball from close range with two minutes remaining.

As the match began it was obvious Davide Ballardini's tactical plan was for his Rosanero to controlling the run of play and otherwise thwart the normally flourishing Genoa attack. For the first twenty minutes the plan worked like a charm but quickly thereafter, the Rossoblu began to assert their home ground advantage. Serbian international Boško Janković's provision to Salvatore Bocchetti dealt with by Palermo 'keeper Marco Amelia. Genoa's efforts continued with Domenico Criscito clanging the post soon after before the Boško Janković acrobatic effort was held back by the Palermo 'keeper once again. Nearing the fiftieth minute Diego Milito goal bound effort was stopped by Simon Kjaer and it seemed the Sicilian nets were impenetrable. Before the hour Fábio Simplício nodded Giulio Migliaccio's cross but Rubinho rose to the occasion with a spectacular save. The match seemed destined to head to draw before Domenico Criscito nudged in Boško Janković's cross for the winning goal. The visitors complained that it should have been waived off as offside but referee Matteo Trefoloni would hear nothing of the sort.

After a heated discussion in which Fábio Simplício and Boško Janković renewed their friendship the match concluded as a 1-0 victory. In fact it concluded twice as after four minutes of added time was called for, the final whistle was blown two minutes in. Realizing the error before the celebrations went too far the match re-started and while a bit on edge it ended again 1-0.

Genoa returns to action next Sunday against Roma.