Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gladbach's fight

Mistakes of the Hinrude are the past and now my friends Gladbach will not be so easy. The tactical plan of Hans Meyer was a zwischenzug gem of a masterful stroke. Defensive tactics to rip the heart of the opponent out and if it hadn't been for a unfortunate moment against Schwaben the match would have ended in a stalemate.

VfB Mario Gómez comments after the match,"The last time I saw a system like that was 60 years ago", referred to the work of Roel Brouwers and Steve Gohouri. The duo clung to Gómez and Ciprian Marica, tearing the heart of their attack.

He was correct and to do so, Hans Meyer called upon Karl Rappan's legendary "bolt", later to be seen as "catenaccio." Rarely seen but a tactical charm in shutting down attacking forces.

Yet for a brilliant plan to be implemented, it takes carriers of the mission and that fell in the able hands of Michael Bradley, Patrick Paauwe und Tomáš Galásek. Above all it was the great Czech Galásek, who controlled the midfield with iron, left no encounter unchallenged and lead by example.