Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Arman Karamyan leads FC Timişoara to victory

Gabi Balint's FC Timişoara continued their push with a 3-0 victory over Politehnica Iaşi. Led by the brilliant work the Armenian international Arman Karamyan (Արման Քարամյան), Timişoara took the led at the eleventh minute as he accepted a long diagonal cross on the right and deftly out-maneuvered Iaşi defender Andrej Pečnik before sending the ball to the opposite corner past Iaşi keeper Răzvan Pleşca. Karamyan created a perfect opportunity for the second goal at the thirtieth minute as he crossed to Balázs Borbély in the box but the Slovak capped midfielders volley was easily dealt with by the Iaşi keeper. Timişoara extended its lead eight minutes into the new half via a one-man effort by Gheorghe Bucur who ran under a long ball down the left flank before turning back in front of the goal to score from eight metres. The day was not done as with six minutes left Iaşi keeper Răzvan Pleşca could only partially stop Lukáš Magera's shot from inside the box with the rebound coming to Karamyan's Armenian teammate Artiom Karamyan (Արտավազդ Քարամյան), who turned the ball in from four metres out.

Both clubs return to action on Saturday as Politehnica Iaşi welcomes Unirea Urziceni and FC Timişoara continues their race to catch Dinamo against Gloria Bistriţa.