Thursday, April 23, 2009

Man City travel to Everton

As Manchester City travel to Everton on Saturday afternoon, the media circus around Eastlands has kicked into high gear. Whether it is Micah Richards making use of his extraordinary vocabulary and further adding proof that the youngster is without discipline and needs to find a new home, Elano consistently causing rifts via the media and like Richards is incapable of discipline, Robinho's stunning under-performance on the pitch or of-course the ever-present transfer rumours, media hungry for content, pithy as it may be can rely upon the Citizens.

Shockingly their is an actual match to play and despite being dumped out of the UEFA Cup within a unsatisfying campaign, Mark Hughes et al are within reach of the Europa League berth. Improbable yes but within the wild and wholly Premier League season Man City has a glimmer of hope within the final five matches. Naturally it will require two things the side has been short on this year; a professional level of consistency and a morsel of intensity that generally exists beyond the oranges at the half group. Although the winds of spring provide little direction that they will find what has been absent since August, the chance is there if Mr. Hughes can convince his collective group to play with solidarity and respect for the crest.

On the injury front Craig Hughes knee problems have him out and while the Welshman is anxious to return it is best for his future that he concludes his season and begin a proper rehabilitation problem. In addition to the striker the Citizens will miss Pablo Zabaleta and Shaun Wright-Phillips and have significant doubts of Nigel de Jong.

Thoughts of catching Everton low on momentum need to be cast aside as the Toffees are riding a high at home. Following their stubborn draw at Stamford Bridge they are well positioned for a run at the Champions League and will enter this match ready to pounce on opportunities.