Saturday, April 25, 2009

Königsblauen stomp all over Bayern

Die Königsblauen coaching trio of Mike Büskens, Youri Mulder and Oliver Reck did it again as they extended their winning streak to four as they handed Bayern a 1-0 loss München.

With a sell-out crowd in attendance, many who joined-in a request to finally get rid of Jürgen Klinsmann, Schalke displayed a tough demeanor as they fought their way against the defending champions. Schalke took the lead twenty-one minutes in as Halil Altintop, slipped under Kevin Kurányi to rid his mark and head-in Christian Pander corner. For much of the remaining match, excluding Martín Demichelis opportunity near the break that he found a way to miss, chances were not of the highest probability. As the match progressed with both sides fighting for important point tempers ran hot resulting in both Jermaine Jones and Franck Ribéry sent off in the final twenty minutes with their second yellow. Be that as it may, Schalke enjoyed the role of "the spoiler" and sent Bayern to their demise with a 1-0 defeat.