Friday, April 24, 2009

Roş-albii defeat Farul Constanţa 3-1

Following a 5-0 devouring of Gloria Bistriţa, Dinamo Bucureşti continued to drive forward for the championship defeating Farul Constanţa 3-1 today.

The Roş-albii were under pressure immediately as Willian Gerlem circumvented the Dinamo defenders to the left before his cross to Chico just outside the six-yard box went astray. Fifteen minutes later after a corner came to Ben Teekloh just outside the box to the left, the Liberian's twenty-metre drive forced the best out of the Dinamo 'keeper Emilian Dolha who served admirably in Bogdan Lobonţ's absence. However four minutes before the half hour Farul had the surprising 1-0 lead as Claudiu Voiculeţ's free kick from the left into the box was turned in by Bruno Simão as an own-goal. At the thirty-eighth minutes Dinamo equalized the match as Gabriel Torje sent the ball to Adrian Cristea on his left on the edge of the area, who then powered the ball to the bottom right corner. Only two minutes later after Cosmin Moţi led a fast assault, Ionel Dănciulescu scored near same spot to make it 2-1 as the Constanţa 'keeper seemed to be having problems with shadows creeping over the stands. Before the break Constanţa had strong claims of penalty denied as Alexandru Mãtel was upended in the area by Bruno Simão. After the break Dinamo extended its lead to 3-1 as Gabriel Torje capitalized on Ionel Dănciulescu's perfect through-ball down the right channel before chipping over the onrushing 'keeper George Curcă from eleven metres out. With eleven minutes left Farul was fighting for a way back in but were denied with a remarkable save by Emilian Dolha from Willian Gerlem close range header via Denis Alibec's pin-point cross from the left. However the best was still to come as veteran Claudiu Niculescu made it 4-1 with ten minutes left as he intercepted a back-pass from Ben Teekloh, circled the 'keeper to the right before striking the ball in.