Sunday, April 26, 2009

Complacency shows as Genoa loses

Sometimes the harshest medicine is the most beneficial. If that is the case for Genoa, over the last two weeks they have become complacent during a time when they should be killing off the competition and earning a spot in European football.

For the second successive week shows as Rossoblu were held scoreless as they lost 2-0 to a committed Bologna side fighting for their Serie A survival. Match analysis is more of a carbon copy of the recent Lazio encounter whereby they not only have succumbed to the highly predictable plan of attack but have lacked the intestinal fortitude to press on. Following a early Genoa opportunity that proved fruitless, Bologna took the lead at the quarter-mark on the most peculiar of situations. In an attacking advance by Bologna, Genoa 'keeper Rubinho meandered far out of his goal and as an effort was turned towards the goal Salvatore Bocchetti casually turned the ball back instead of launching a long clearance. His touch was far too heavy and as Nicola Mingazzini charged in for the loose ball, contact was made with a penalty being adjudged. It was a deplorable comedy of errors on many aspects that isn't befitting of a side trying to earn a berth in the Champions League and Marco Di Vaio reminded his former teammates of his ability by slamming the ball to the back of net. Only ten minutes later Bologna turned the screw a morsel tighter as another Genoa alumni, Adaílton sent a free-kick into the box that Claudio Terzi turned in from close range. Opportunities to bring the match to within one came for Genoa but finishing was a painful mess and for the most part the heart and soul of Bologna, refusing to go softly into Serie B drove them forward for the 2-0 victory.