Monday, April 27, 2009

Schwarzgelben incredible season

With five matches remaining BVB is heading to their best season since winning the championship in 2002. Presently standing with forty-nine points, the Dortmunder's will need to make up five points for a Europa League spot but with lower table sides Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Bielefeld and Monchengladbach still to play the chance is there.

Jürgen Klopp is not predicting anything other than a continuation of hard working "honest" Football. Patrick Owomoyela said of the schwarzgelben effort:

"It´s so much fun and we enjoy it. And we don´t have to pinch ourselves to make sure it´s real, because we know how hard we worked for these wins."

The next step in BVB's advances is Frankfurt on Saturday which naturally will be a smoldering cauldron. With a disappointing season blanketed by endless injuries Frankfurt has fought just to stay above relegation. Problems aside they can come up with big performances and their "twelfth-man" will not be quieted. Roughly 10,000 Dortmunders are making the short drive north in support and will be needed in what is likely to be the weekends most vocal match.