Saturday, April 25, 2009

Krylia Sovetov defeats Dinamo Moskva 1-0

Dinamo Moskva lost their second straight match falling 1-0 to Krylia Sovetov with the lone goal coming once-again by Czech international Jan Koller. Following the loss of Rubin Kazan to the resurgent Spartak Moskva, the victory leaves the Volga-region side at the top of the table, with an opening for CSKA who face Rostov on Sunday.

After early stages of being unable to take advantage of their attacking dominance Leonid Slutsky's finally took the lead two minutes before the half hour in the most unique fashions. Jan Koller provided Ruslan Adzhindzhal the ball as he surged into the right side of the box who then pulled the ball back and fired it via his right foot but struck Leandro Fernández into the lower abdomen. The ball immediately rebounded to the Czech striker who subsequently fired the ball into the opposite left corner. Following the goal, Dinamo was not short on intensity and were prepared to challenge every ball but time after time they couldn't make the needed touch for the last effort with the match concluding 1-0.