Friday, January 9, 2009

Bordeaux awaits

The return of Ligue 1 is finally here. While the break is only a short one, with so much on the line for our Parisians the break has seemed longer than it is. After the disaster last year, in which dreaded relegation was avoided at the wire and only half a season after the Parisians are five points behind Lyonnais in fourth place.

On Sunday, Paul Le Guen’s forces travel to Bordeaux in a crucial match and with so much on the line, the club has kept a close reign on information. Practices and tactical planning have been less open as they know they must be at their best to surprise Laurent Blanc’s hearty squad. The brilliant young leader has quickly established himself as one of the best managers in the game in such a short time and surely when the time comes for him to take charge of Les Bleus, he will lead them to greatness.

PSG recognizes the daunting task and will need Guillaume Hoarau to continue his scoring prowess in the second half of the campaign. A quiet leader, the young striker has made his mark on Lique 1 this year and overdue a call to represent Les Bleus. Following the Coupe de France match against ÉDS Montluçon, the club reported no significant injuries and is expected to have a full lineup available for Sunday.