Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Charles N’Zogbia should not wear the Newcastle crest

The honour of wearing the crest is a underlying focal point throughout all of Football. When a young man does not recognize that and conduct himself accordingly he should never be allowed to wear the crest again, regardless of playing ability.

From his commentary Charles N’Zogbia apparently does not respect the honour of being a part of Newcastle and need not be given the chance to do again.

Speaking to Aujourd’hui Sport he said:

“I am tuned in to it all but, having heard several rumours, I would like to receive something concrete.

“It is up to them to approach Newcastle and me. I am waiting for them. Lyon, make a move!

“Ligue 1 for me is an unknown. Therefore, in some respects, it is attractive.”

“The club want to sell some players, so why not me?

We will see if I get the green light. We have tried to get information to find out my price but Newcastle have said nothing.”

This follows up his previous day comments:

“Every season is getting worse and worse despite the lofty goals of the club. I therefore decided to leave, to try to find better exposure.”

Assuming these comments are factual and cannot be explained by N’Zogbia, he cannot be a part of the club. This type of behaviour causes the inner working of the club tremendous problems and he should no longer have the right to wear the Newcastle crest. As a professional he should know better but sadly this is not the case. Find the highest bidder and dispatch the cancer as fast as you can.