Friday, January 9, 2009

Jason Culina heading to A-League Gold Coast United?

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that Jason Culina is heading to A-League's Gold Coast United in a deal that it possibly make him the highest paid player in Football in Australia.

Gold Coast United coach Miron Bleiberg said:

"We offered terms to him that he was happy with and he said we were his first option.

"But he is waiting until the end of the transfer window to see if something will happen, if not, he will come to us.

"That's the deal. As far as I know, he's mine. Has he signed the paper? No. But it is not true that he is not coming, either."

The players father, Branko Culina, a former coach of Sydney FC noted:

"The truth is he hasn't signed.

"He's currently in Spain with PSV in a training camp and he's staying there until Saturday or Sunday, which is when he will make his decision.

"Financially, I know overseas is better, but when is enough, enough? I've spoken to him about how the pioneering players who went to Europe left their mark and that he could be a pioneer as the first regular Socceroo to come back."