Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Micah Richards responds to critics

Of recent Micah Richards has felt the scorn by many for Man City’s poor defending. In the clubs magazine he responds by stating:

“I take criticism in my stride. I am working as hard as ever and I don’t feel as if I have done anything drastically wrong this season for people to comment on.

“Of course I am not the finished article I have lots to learn and I would be a fool to think anything else.

“What I don’t do is let anything that is thrown at me get in the way of training or learning and I know that it is important that I am a thorough professional.

“Football is the most important thing in my life. I have already played 100 first team games which I feel is a good achievement for someone of my age and I am proud of my profession. I aim to make the most of my opportunities.

“I believe in my ability and I think City fans and England fans know what I am capable of. It is just a matter of me finding the kind of form I was in last season.”

Regarding the addition of Wayne Bridge to the mix he notes:

“It is all about getting the right balance and I believe we will get it right and I expect the Manager will bring people in all positions. We all want to see the squad get stronger.

“I think we do need more defenders in the Club and I am sure the boss will bring some in during this month.

“Perhaps we have had it too easy at the back after last season when we were quite tight as a unit. Competition is always healthy and you cannot have too many good players at your club.”

While I warrant general play of the young English international has not been up to fans hopes at times, he is an emerging talent that must be supported. However I will reiterate, one very important element that has not addressed throughout any media source than I am aware of and certainly not the club. The Citizens have a very bad habit of rushing back players from injury and not only does this create a situation where a player will not play below his potential but in so doing, harm their confidence. This is a very troubling habit and while it may get glossed over by those who write but do not have hands-on experience on the pitch, I assure you it is an enormous issue. Additionally the other major concern is the reoccurrence of injuries and City’s problem with this issue is equally as long and twisted and needs to be dealt with properly if the club is to succeed.