Thursday, January 1, 2009

Milan Jovanović turns down Everton

Speaking to news agency Blic Standard Liège’s Milan Jovanović noted he turned down a move to Everton. The Serbian international is not shy in the ego department:

“I’ve rejected the offer from an English side which are currently below the top four in the Premier League, but are close to them. It’s not Everton; I had said no to them earlier. My position is that I should join a top La Liga side.”

“I’ve also refused the offer from Real Madrid because I believe that at my age it would be detrimental for my career to join Real Madrid at this moment and under the conditions they offered me. They offered me a one-year contract with the extension option of up to three years. I don’t want to prove myself to anyone after all the performances I’ve put in. The Real Madrid saga is history and I don’t wish to become a member of a great club so that I could only include it in my resume. You either go to Real Madrid as a star or you stay put.”

With a “star” attitude like that, I am very thankful he hasn’t joined the club.