Sunday, January 4, 2009

“one step forward and two back”

Following the 3-0 FA Cup destruction at the hands of Nottingham Forest, Mark Hughes spoke via the club web-site of the importance of bringing the right players into the mix. This is a peculiar situation to say the least because while the club and supporters are anxious for success, they must show patience in attracting the right type of player as well invest in those who might take time to develop.

“I think we’re in a position where we can go to the market and bring players here.

“There are opportunities for players to come here and make an impression. We’ve got to make sure we get the right players in, if we do then we can move forward, but at the moment we’re a little bit light.”

“We’re looking to make to the squad better.

“Sometimes when players come in then other players will feel their future lies elsewhere, we’ll have to look at that.

“First and foremost though we need to get good players in to make us better, when we do that then we can make sure we have consistent performances and consistent results.

“At the moment we’re finding it very difficult to do that. We can have the high of a 5-1 victory against Hull and then a low that we’ve experienced against Forest.

“That can’t be sustained, we need to be consistent, and at the minute we’re finding it difficult to be. We’ve got to do something to address that and we will do.

“The frailties of the team are there for everybody to see for themselves. It’s not as if I’m telling them [the owners] anything different from what I was telling them from the onset of their tenure.

“Those things are still to be addressed and we need to make sure we’re stronger in all departments. If we do that we can move forward but at the moment it’s one step forward and two back.”

Returning to my original comments, it might not have much sex appeal but if the Citizens are truly serious of long term success and investing funds correctly, they need to do a number of things other than just buy big name players. Beyond significant upgrades to present training grounds and facilities and a proper medical team to assist in regeneration they need to firmly establish strategic ties with academies throughout the world and attract top flight talent. This is not such an easy hurdle to cross and not only requires investment dollars in scouting envoys but local support staff and expansion of services within the local academy to accomodate players from abroad.