Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thomas Zdebel moves to Leverkusen

While the transfer window has not caused many changes to the roster, one noteworthy addition is veteran midfielder Thomas Zdebel from VfL Bochum.

Managing director Wolfgang Holzhäuser commented that the Polish capped midfielder:

“is an experienced Bundesliga player and will immediately strengthen the squad.”

Upon joining the club the new man said of his new home:

“I am happy to be here and I hope that I can live up to expectations on the pitch. I will definitely do my best to ensure that people are happy with me.”

When asked of what is was like to leave the club that he played nearly two-hundred matches at, he added:

“I have finished my time at Bochum now. I spent nearly six years at VfL and I experienced highs and lows there. Nobody expected it end like it has but I am now fully committed to playing for Bayer 04.”

Of his role with Werkshelf, he added:

“I have joined a top club and it’s a great challenge for me to compare myself to the lads. I think my experience and way of playing football will help the team progress.”

Given his lengthy career in the Bundesliga, he naturally knows many players. However that doesn’t stop him teasing Bernd Schneider as one of the clubs elder-statesman:

“Of course, we’ve been in the Bundesliga for more than a season or two. That brings respect and even greater acceptance. And Schnix (Bernd Schneider) is probably happy not to be the oldest player in the squad any more. But at the end of the day quality is more important age and I think we’ve got plenty of it.”