Saturday, January 10, 2009

the truth of Andrei Arshavin rumours

As the Sunday Mirror, reported that Manchester City is launching an offer to bring in Zenit Saint Petersburg’s Andrei Arshavin with a £18m deal a number of questions prevail of the supposed deal. Although the facts of the article cannot be substantiated, the fundamental notions are truthful but equally the deal is put into place because of a number of factors, most notably poor negotiation tactics of City’s management.

While the intentions of new owners Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan and chairmanship Khaldoon Al Mubarak were to build the Citizens into one of the top clubs in the Premier League if not all of Football, starting with the £32.5m acquisition of Brazilian star Robinho from Real Madrid before the summer transfer window closed, there-after the commentary and actions of management have lacked professionalism as it relates to negotiation tactics. Effectively by announcing their intentions of spending of £100m and not denying rumours of a massive investment, they have played their cards and clubs are responding to their first efforts with a resounding, “no.” Whether it is Blackburn’s Sam Allardyce dismissing Man City’s offer for striker Roque Santa Cruz or West Ham making it known that targeted Craig Bellamy will require a kings ransom, the Football community know the Citizens not only have the resources but willing to splash it around like “new-money” does and show little prejudice. This has resulted in clubs knowing that City will “run up” the bid, particularly as the window period stretches on. While this has little chance to find the powers that be around City offices, amongst areas they need to invest in, beyond the Academy and solid medical unit, a negotiation specialist is warranted and someone who won’t announce that they will spend whatever it takes. While that might sell some quaint little scarves to fans, it will leave you over-spending in the transfer market as you chase targets.

However returning to the situation of Andrei Arshavin, with the twenty-seven year-old Russian international widely speculated on a move to Arsenal the north-London said has come up with a very weak offer. Per the Sun, Zenit Saint Petersburg spokesman Alexei Petrov said:

“I can confirm that Zenit did get an official offer from Arsenal about Andrei Arshavin. It was rejected as insufficient. They offered about £10 million.”

Given this situation and that Arsenal is presently offering less than half the Russian club’s asking price, the opportunity is for Man City to present a formal, knock down offer to Zenit with a drop-dead sign back period. If done in a professional manner, where the media is not involved, City has a chance to acquire one of the games most explosive manners.