Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mark Hughes is off-base with the Shaun Wright-Phillips charge

In response to the violent conduct charge the FA has leveled on Shaun Wright-Phillips, Mark Hughes has responded, albeit disillusioned argument.

Per the Manchester Evening News, the former Wales manager said:

“We are disappointed.

“There are a few letters and faxes going to be exchanged between ourselves and the FA today because the way it stands, if we decide to appeal, we are not going to get a verdict until late on Friday.

“The process could have been done a lot more quickly, which is something we will be highlighting because I have to prepare a team for Saturday.”

“By the letter of the law, Shaun retaliated.

“But he had twice been kicked from behind. I don’t think what Shaun did in response was violent conduct.

“It was a human reaction and I feel a three-game ban would be unfair.”

I’m not even sure where to start with this because yes, he did retaliate and its fairly clear it was worthy of a red-card. While the FA needs to level justice with an even hand as they have let a number of players off free of some highly questionable actions, violent conduct, where a retaliation or not needs to dealt with a stern gavel.

Leadership starts with accountability.