Thursday, February 5, 2009

Micah Richards arrested

Per the BBC, Micah Richards has been arrested for assault. The incident occurred outside of nightclub on Christmas Eve with the attack occurring 3 a.m. December 24.

Mark Hughes said of events, “It is an ongoing situation, we are aware of that and we are supportive of him.”

There are no further details of the incident available at this time, however Mark Hughes needs to review this matter and lead.

I warrant Mark Hughes comments are for public consumption but a player who is out at 3 a.m. less than forty-eight hours before a match, given that City played Hull on Boxing Day, is not prepared to play and shows a lack of respect for the club and dare I say, the manager. Mark Hughes needs to make it very clear to the young man that this will not be tolerated or he will find himself no longer welcomed. It’s very clear now why the young defender had such a poor match and this must be dealt with sternly but also the manager needs to lead. Show the mettle you’re made of Mr. Hughes.