Saturday, April 18, 2009

FC Moskva defeats Aliens 1-0

FC Moskva continued their impressive start to the campaign with a 1-0 defeat of Saturn Moskovskaya Oblast. Despite the scoreline the match featured exciting action from start to finish with both 'keepers having a brilliant day. From the snow filled start of the day the Citizens were having trouble with Jürgen Röber's attacking pulse, particularly the inspired play of a youthful playing Vadim Evseev and the quality work of Benoît Angbwa. After the break the action continued and after a series of advances fell for naught for both sides Miodrag Božović's grabbed the needed goal at the seventy-sixth minute when Aleksei Rebko's cross from the right-side was bashed in from close range by Boca Juniors-product Héctor Bracamonte for the 1-0 victory.