Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jô finds a home with Toffees

Wasting away at the Eastlands, Brazilian striker Jô has found a home with Toffees. The talented twenty-two year old striker came over to Manchester City in the summer of 2008 from CSKA Moscow but quickly found himself out of Mark Hughes plans. However since his arrival on-loan from the shenanigans of City he has quickly lit up the score-sheet as he did with the CSKA and Corinthians prior to that.

Above and beyond his scoring touch it is how he is playing and the bounce in his step that is most revealing. Looking to steer clear of the troubled murky waters of Man City the young starlet has expressed his desire to stay with Everton and while the lofty price tag, upwards of £19m, he has certainly shown his quality on the pitch.

This was clearly evident as he lead Everton with two strikes against Wigan in route to a 4-0 victory. In what was one the Toffees most complete victories of the season, they were able to run a high quality side with intentions of its own for European football completely off the pitch. With the Toffees returning to health they were able to able to put forth a lineup that expressed promise for next years European efforts, whether that is the Champions or Europa League is still to be decided. The formidable Marouane Fellaini, sans braids, along with Leon Osman were the architect of the first strike that came with a tour-de-force finish by Jô four minutes shy of the half-hour mark. If Steve Bruce had a hope of returning home with points, hope perished two minutes into the new half as the Belgian, ex of Standard Liège, drove a spike through the visitors hearts. The feeding frenzy continued as Wigan were dangling on the ropes and only four minutes later the Brazilian Jô flashed a wide smile as he nudged the ball home from six metres. Up by three goals now Leon Osman took the role of the poacher as a poorly played effort came off former Liverpool keeper Chris Kirland came to him and he didn't hesitate making it 4-0 at the hour. Looking to the vast Everton Blue horizon, a rapturous Goodison saw the faces of the future trot on in form of Jack Rodwell and Dan Gosling shortly thereafter and as always they wore the colours well.

The victory leaves the Toffees a scant point behind Aston Villa in the race for the Champions League and sets the stages for their encounter this Sunday.