Wednesday, April 8, 2009

media speculation of José Mourinho

While I am an out-spoke critic of the death of journalism in my profession, the Football media is no stranger to this problem. Far outside the realm of the sporting world, true journalism is a dying breed like the dust-covered Smith-Corona in the attic. While the consequences in matters outside of sport are of-course significantly more problematic, it is interesting point to consider within the Football world as unfounded rumours spread like an airborne virus.

This of-course leads to a number of inaccuracies and endless reports. Within these tumultuous financial times, City, with its coffers well stocked are the club many choose to hate. Sadly while many clubs, nee institutions of their region go through some very trying moments, City's balance sheet is strong, stable and capable of investing where it sees fit. However in a thirst to rid the planet of a few more trees many of the English tabloids use City has a choice topic of the day, where a new rumour can be launched without care or concern for facts.

Of recent the Sun, its rarely clever way decided to announce that José Mourinho had been offered £12.5m to manage the club and subsequently turned the offer the down. While there was absolutely no substantiating information with either clubs, agents or other sources associated with Mr. Mourinho or the club, this was published. Whether it is factual or not will be determined in the future but in my opinion completely unsubstantiated rumours as such are not worthy of releasing. The club has denied any such offer and announced it is considering legal recourse.

With regards to the facts of the matter, there is no reason to believe from any known source that an offer has been made and it seems highly unlikely given Mr. Mourinho's previous habits when moving to clubs. He is not in the habit of moving to clubs in a building phase and from every turn it seems unlikely. However there is reason to question how ownership will look at the off-season, not only with how they approach possible acquisitions but the managers position. Certainly as Man City languishes through the balance of the campaign, even though ownership has denied that Mark Hughes' job is on the line, it is a valid matter to consider.