Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rennais responds to Sochaux loss

Following the traumatic 3-0 loss to Sochaux, les Rouge et Noir responded with an important 1-0 victory over Saint-Étienne. While the victory was the first for les Rennais it also pushed Alain Perrin's under-performing club closer to relegation.

The backdrop of the match was in its simplest form, les Verts, fighting to avoid relegation to Ligue 2. Far too good of a squad to be in the position noted manager Alain Perrin had Saint-Étienne well prepared for the task and for most of the first half kept Rennais under control. Following a early chance by Rennais, les Verts' Mouhamadou Dabo struck the cross-bar only to be followed seven minutes later by Jérôme Leroy and Moussa Sow "one-two" that ended with Jérémie Janot's nice save. The match was quickly opening up with a number of fundamental breakdowns creating havoc. Twelve minutes before the half Romain Danzé played the ball to Jérôme Leroy, with the final ball being nailed to the post. Pressing to attack in the left flank, Rennais found its opening five minutes in the new half as Moussa Sow sent a dramatic cross to the spot with Romain Danzé sending in. The dramatic goal, a highlight clip must, gave Rennais the 1-0 lead and the needed impetus to go forward. A later effort via the work of Jérôme Leroy and Moussa Sow is once held back Janot as Saint-Étienne searches for necessary goal. Tactically les Rouge et Noir cannot be broken down and finish the day with a 1-0 victory.