Thursday, January 8, 2009

the Kris Boyd drama goes into high gear

The deal to send Rangers striker Kris Boyd to Birmingham City representative of the Championship club has died per the Blues.

Birmingham manager Alex McLeish noted in the BBC that their offer was refused by the embattled striker:

"We made an offer to Kris and his representative and they rejected it.

"We felt we made a very fair offer. But they were looking for money we just won't pay, so I think we have to call it a day at that.

"Whether it gets resurrected, I do not know, but I've got to move on and if something else drops on my desk and it appeals to me and I think it can transform my team and within the parameters of my budget I will look at that.

"The board have pushed the boat out for us to do the Kris Boyd deal.

"It's a lot of money for us in the Championship and they have shown their ambition, but it did not happen and we have to look elsewhere."

While the situation with the Blue's rests in unsteady waters, rumours flourish that Fulham and Sunderland are considering an offer and with Kris Boyd knowing that he is available, he might not be so interested in returning.