Friday, January 9, 2009

no offers on existing players

With Jô, Elano and Tal Ben Haim all rumoured to be on the wait out of Manchester City, Mark Hughes revealed they have had no offers on the existing stable:

"We’ve had tentative enquiries no offers or bids.

"I’m not really in a position to allow players to go before we get players in given the amount of players we have unavailable at the moment.

"I’d much prefer to get players in rather than letting players go out first.”

With playing time at a premium, many of the younger players are in desperate need of time on the pitch. Give this, Mark Hughes think some loan moves are in the horizon:

"We’ll look at that because I think it’s important that certain players need to be tested and will need to see if they can deal with senior football on a regular basis.

“So we will be looking to possibly get some of the younger players out to see how they cope.

"You have to take them on an individual basis because some players would suit a different type of club and it’s about matching the player’s ability and their style to the correct club, not just sending them out hoping that they are going to do well, there has to be a little bit of thought behind it."