Friday, January 2, 2009

snap up Giovani Dos Santos

Prior to Giovani Dos Santos coming to Tottenham from Barcelona, there was some talk of the then-eighteen year-old coming to Man City. Unfortunately at that time the Nery Castillo situation didn’t look very favourable and it played a role in the El Tri capped youngster signing with Juande Ramos. However after recovering from a early ankle injury that plagued the start of his career with the Spurs he still has not fared under Harry Redknapp system and accepted as “expendable.”

Yet the young striker / midfielder is a brilliant talent and within the lofty prices that seem bantered around, his relative modest fee would be a bargain. The original deal the brought him from Barcelona was an incentive laced contract of £8.6m that additionally included a back-end deal in which the La Liga powerhouse would receive twenty per-cent if he was to be moved in the first two years. While Chivas of the México’s La Primera División was very aggressive in trying to bring him to the club, their Vice-President Néstor de la Torre, has revealed to Medio Tempo that their offer has been rejected by Tottenham.

Of the many acquisitions planned, Manchester City should try to snap up Giovani Dos Santos. He is a brilliant young talent and this opportunity should not be squandered.