Thursday, January 1, 2009

what, doesnt everyone have £100m to spend?

While publicly Man City has not let out how much Mark Hughes has available to go shopping, initial speculation was in the £60m range. A hefty sum indeed which is just fine and dandy to me, however The Sun is boldly suggesting that Sparky has a full £100m to throw around this January. While a report as such is highly speculative and is lacking of credible proof, ownership has been consistant in stating they would not be remotely shy in attracting Football’s top-shelf.

Pushing aside precise numbers as I question how these amounts are being conjured up, Mark Hughes does have a unique “problem.” While such a problem makes him the envy of the coaching, decisions have to be made with a vision towards the future and ensuring “star” players are prepared to play as a team, often with a diminished role. While many will talk of “entertaining Football”, a hardware case needs to be filled!

By mid-afternoon today, rumours are swirling that the club has already filling-up his wish list with near £50m alloted for immediate offers on Chelsea’s Wayne Bridge, Blackburn’s Roque Santa Cruz, Inter Milan’s Adriano and Newcastle’s Shay Given.

Now for Football fans, Manchester City purists, with this type of money available immediately and with an eye towards the summer market, who is on your list now?