Friday, April 10, 2009

Eintracht mission in München

Eintracht's visit of Bayern München Saturday afternoon comes at likely the worst possible time. Following a highly disappointing run including an embarrassing performance against Barcelona, the clubs hierarchy have lashed out publicly of the downfall. The rumours of coach Jürgen Klinsmann departure have grown to unprecedented levels and while that isn't a surprise to anyone in the "know" given his lack of interest in living in Germany for nearly fifteen years, it seems that the storm clouds around Bayern are building.

While that is an important backdrop for the match, it it also needs to be said that Bayern is highly motivated to get back on the winning course against their home fans. Anxious to dispel concerns that this is a repeat of 2007's "disappointing" fourth-place finish, given their chances in the Champions League is near impossible all focus will now be on the Bundesliga.

Oka Nikolov will be looking to repeat last years scoreless draw with the speedy Ümit Korkmaz, fit and ready to go. It is still too earlier for Martin Fenin and Léonard Kweuke but Herr Funkel can always be counted on for a few surprises. Eintracht is nearing a point where they can call the relegation issue "over" but that does not take the pressure off, particularly if it can come with Bayern's painful demise. While some approached the match, at least publicly with a morbid tone, the Austrian midfielder believes it showed München's vulnerability and ready to go for the jugular.

The Austrian has it right. Bayern is mighty beast but its bloodied, beaten to a pulp and downtrodden right now and must be met with a vicious, highly physical attack. See the beast wobbling in this tracks and show no fear as you send it to its demise. Eintracht, who have the best fans in the Bundesliga, has a large travelling party in München to provide unparalleled support as Adler smells blood. It's time to finish the job that others have started and send Bayern reeling.