Saturday, April 4, 2009

Leverkusen in der Rückrunde nicht so stark

Derby day has arrived for Köln as Leverkusen visits. Trainer Christoph Daum's job is nearly done as he has Geißböcke in perfect position for next years Bundesliga climb as Poldi arrives.

Long before that is another matter of our "assisting" Leverkusen with its continued fall since the start of the Rückrunde. Once hopeful of winning a European spot they are now within striking place of Die Geißböcke and need to be put in their rightful place.

Köln's only absences are Marvin Matip, Pierre Wome and Manasseh Ishiaku but they will need to careful of a highly motivated Leverkusen side trying to salvage anything from the year. "Atitude" is everything for this as Herr Daum said and rest assured nothing will be spared in this war.