Saturday, October 25, 2008

Borussia Dortmund v Hertha Berlin

"Release the rapid dog inside us" exhalted Jürgen Klopp:

"Berlin has a truly good team and a big difference for them from the Cup match will be the return of two very important players, Simunic and Kacar. We are of the opinion that since we are playing at home, we have to make it a true home advantage. The atmosphere greatly helps us to release the rabid dog inside us."

I'll pass on the whole "rapid doggy" thingy that Jürgen is dropping but instead tell you that following Saturday's Bundesliga matches in which Werder Bremen and Schalke 04 were held to draws, die Schwarzgelben are on the verge of jumping within the top six with a victory. Naturally standing in their way is Hertha Berlin, who presently are a point above Dortmund in the table and are riding a domestic two-match winning streak.

The Berliners could easily be said to play the most organized Football in the Bundesliga. With a strong-suit in defense and with the added the clout of Andrej Voronin, Marko Pantelić and Raffael they are capable of being a powerhouse in the league. They keep tight lines, rarely make mental errors and know their oppositions weakness. When they get a lead they are most likely to hold on it and if you're not a fan of fundamentally strong Football and low scoring matches when in-form, you might find their tactics on the drive. In their 1-0 victory over Bayer Leverkusen they shut down one the best attacks in Germany and if they keep that up, Lucien Favre might be looking at a Champions League slot by the end of the season.

As they take the pitch they will be without Andrei Voronin, injured against Benfica this week and Pal Dardai, Arne Friedrich, Josip Simunic and Marc Stein are all "doubtful". Marko Pantelić, who has been in Lucien Favre bad books is likely to be given another shot given the injury issue. Oddly enough , our Schwarzgelben are oddly reporting no injuries for the match.

I will report on the match as it concludes.