Saturday, October 25, 2008

Everton plays Man Utd to draw in venomous match

The Toffees came from behind to register a brilliant 1-1 draw against Manchester United at Goodison Park in a venomous match. The match will be remembered not only for David Moyes' squad comeback but Wayne Rooney's intentional inciting of anger with the Everton crowd and will certainly result in flaming the already tense relationship with the club he developed his early skills with.

Man Utd completed dominated the first half and opened the scoring twenty-two minutes after the start as Ryan Giggs fed Darren Fletcher who then patiently tucked the ball away from inside the box. The Everton goal was constantly under siege but 'keeper Tim Howard put forth a stunning display and effectively saved the match of the Toffees. Incredibly with what appeared to be a training exercise at times with Everton being completely dominated, the match went to the break with Man Utd only up 1-0.

Presumably during the break, David Moyes resonated a sense of fire within his squad because in the second-half they emerged as last years club. Tough, physical and refusing the back down from a challenge, Everton scratched a clawed back into the match and the crowd fed off their tenacity. Phil Neville hard challenge of Cristiano Ronaldo, who as you can imagine wailed on the pitch as if harpooned, drew a yellow card that also stoked Everton's play that much more. Finally as Man Utd wilted under the pressure of drive and determination, Phil Neville's cross into the box was headed-in by Marouane Fellaini to level the match.

With twenty-two minutes remaining in the match after being booked for challenge, Wayne Rooney began to interact with the crowd, gesturing to his Man Utd badge, fully aware of how this would incite the crowds anger. As he kissed the badge things situation seemed to be taking a turn for the worse, referee Alan Wiley wisely stepped-in to calm the situation. Fearing his temper getting the worst of him Alex Ferguson substituted Rooney, lest lose him to another yellow or worse. While that may of ended his match, these antics won't be forgotten.

True scoring opportunities were minimal for the remainder of the match and it ended in a 1-1 draw that will certainly boost the morale at Everton.