Saturday, October 18, 2008

Clásico Regiomontano

The great derby is here as the Rayados face the Tigres in the Clásico Regiomontano.

It has been anything but a great season for the Rayados as they have faced considerable problems but regardless the Tecnológico will swarm with excitement as La Adicción will be out in full force.

From a practical vantage Tigres are playing significantly better Football. Very disciplined and light years ahead of the league from a defensive standpoint. They rarely make technical mistakes and pounce on opportunities. In-fact they are likely the most difficult opponent for Monterrey to face and it will require a level of tactical precision we haven't seen to be successful.

However to "tactically" discuss this match from a sterile vantage is inaccurate because between these two great rivals recent matches can be thrown away as emotions will run strong. To the Rayados advantage, the best manager in Mexico, Ricardo Lavolpe has Chupete back..healthy, happy and ready to fill the nets. Along with Humberto Suazo, Carlos Ochoa and Luis Pérez will return to the lineup and can be assured they'll look to ready the course of the Rayados.

Monterrey is likely to employ the following lineup:
Christian Martínez,Severo Meza,Felipe Baloy,Diego Ordaz,José María Basanta,William Paredes,Octavio Valdez,Luis Ernesto Pérez,Jesús Arellano ,Humberto Suazo,Jared Borgetti

While Manuel Lapuente is likely to use the following lineup for the Tigres:
Oscar Pérez ,Mario Ruiz,Pedro Benítez,Hugo Sánchez Guerrero,José Arturo Rivas,Antonio Sancho,Lucas Emanuel Ayala ,Guillermo Marino,Lucas Lobos ,Francisco Fonseca,Blas Pérez

Enjoy the match and I will report on it as it concludes