Monday, October 27, 2008

Monterrey's slide continues

In a match where Monterrey suggested little intent, San Luis easily defeated the Rayados 2-0 on the strength of Braulio Luna's goal at the thirty minute mark and Víctor Piríz's two minutes after the break. Each of the goals came on defensive blunders, the first off a free kick from the far left outside the box to the inside post with the 'keeper out of position and an ineffective wall. The second goal came came off a routine cross in the middle of the box which as chested down by Víctor Piríz, who "out wanted" the opposition and slotted it behind the keeper. Monterrey was unable to generate a serious attack and was unable to create a noteworthy scoring efforts with most shots being long distance affairs. With the loss Monterrey is firmly entrenched third from the bottom of the table, in the midst of a seven match winless streak but worse yet, showing little drive on the pitch. The flowing counter-attack and the aggressive tenacity of a winner seems drained from their thought and the management needs to shake things up or this slide will head into a direction no-one wants to consider yet. Additionally Ricardo Lavolpe needs to return to tactical planning to get the club on the way to earning points and no focused on championships. Repeating the above and in the most dire comments, with the club so low in the table the threat of relegation is very real and needs to be dealt with.

Monterrey returns to the pitch next week against Atlante, who sit atop Group 1.

Christian Martínez,Severo Meza (José Joel González '46),José María Basanta,Felipe Baloy,Diego Ordaz,Octavio Valdez,Arturo Alvarado ,José Hiber Ruiz (Abraham Carreño 58'),William Paredes ,Jesús Eduardo Zavala (Jared Borgetti 46'),Humberto Suazo

San Luis
Adrián Martínez ,Omar Monjaraz,Michael Orozco,Alfredo González Tahuilán,Leonel Olmedo (Jairo Patiño 84'),Eduardo Germán Coudet,Rodolfo Salinas (Malher Tressor Moreno 74'),Ángel Eduardo Reyna (Ignacio Torres 62'),,Braulio Luna ,Israel Martínez,Víctor Piríz