Thursday, October 30, 2008

no crisis with the Green Whites

The "crisis" of the early Green-White season has many notably concerned. However found on the clubs web-site is an interview of management that not only addresses the problem but it represents the granite-solid leadership of the club.

The article is "just words" in some regards to me but the intent is the true point. Through the fog of a tough winless streak, the club didn't shy away from the problem but instead pushed the pedal down and went straight at.

Quoting Klaus Allofs:

"Ich habe keine Angst vor dem Wort Krise"

Spoken like a true leader, Herr Allofs comments, loosely translated as "I have no fear at all of the word crisis", addresses the problem the club is having right now.

As a player and as a supporter, this is what you want to hear from leaders. Admission of the problems but a firm statement that their is no crisis.

Paraphrasing his comments he simply states that presently we haven't met our goals and are in negative trend. He adds thats passing lacks comprehension and defensive movement is not killing off the oppositions attacking forays. Noting further that there many aspects of play that people are used to seeing are absent but hopefully they will rise to the surface shortly.

There is no crisis in Werder Bremen. It is a difficult slump during a portion of the season when the team is weighted down with injuries. The competitive nature of the Bundesliga is such that even the slightest flaw in your performance will be preyed upon, which is precisely what clubs have been doing this month. However with the clubs leadership you can count on this problem being rectified shortly.