Friday, January 9, 2009

Alan Gow transfer nulled

Alan Gow proposed transfer to Championship side Wolverhampton Wanderers was nullified as he failed his physical. With a fee of £250k agreed up, the twenty-five year old striker appeared to be on his way before the Wolves made claim of a medical issue.

Wolves manager Mick McCarthy noted:

"It's nothing serious, it's something bio-mechanical but that's something for Alan and Rangers to sort out, not us. He's a good player who would have added to the squad, but that's not going to happen."

"Alan has gone back to Rangers. We'd agreed everything with him, but something has shown up in the medical which we are not completely happy about," he said.

"In a way, this is a credit to our medical team and how thorough they are.

Given that absolutely not a single media outlet question the reported injuries and I have a morsel of experience in the area (actually around three decades), this comment is highly suspect, not to mention a questionable use of the term. While I question what the magnitude of this injury is, it seems more likely that the Wolves had second thoughts and used a common fail-safe escape.