Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Scottish FA leads

In a moment that is decades overdue, the Scottish FA has stepped in and reaffirmed the extraordinary honour to represent your country. Following Rangers' Barry Ferguson and Allan McGregor actions at the most recent match against Iceland, the Scottish FA has announced that the two are banned for life.

It is not only a fair judgement but one the entire sport should commend the Scottish FA for. Leadership is a lonely walk done the darkest of road at times but Scotland has just set the tone for others to follow.

Through the past few decades I have seen this sport go through countless changes. Many for the positive but all too frequently it is has ripped the very soul from the game. Club Football has been ruined where at least two generations have no notion of what that refers to has, all the while players make ridiculous amounts of money and foreign ownership decimates the sport one step at a time. While I have little hopes of any of these matters reversing, thankfully the Scottish FA has stepped in and made the statement for all Scottish players that there is no greater honour.

For Ferguson and McGregor, let them remember this. Let them look at those photos for the balance of their days and realize what they discarded. I am sorry that two grown men had to learn this at this stage of their lives but that is unfortunately one of the many weaknesses in this beautiful game that turned into a business. It will be a painful reminder through their lives but in the end, I am hopeful many will finally understand the extraordinary brilliance of representing your homeland.