Saturday, October 4, 2008

Man City - Liverpool match preview

Man City welcomes Liverpool to Eastlands tomorrow in a massive test of their development. Liverpool is riding high and Rafa Benítez has them looking very much like a club poised to raise a trophy.

Liverpool is fully fit with Javier Mascherano ready to return. City might need to deal with the loss of Richard Dunne who suffered a slight injury in the UEFA Cup match against AC Omonia

Consistency is the key for City and they will need to concentrate on quality marking our Liverpool will fill the goal. With conditions very slick and heavy rain expected this becomes an even greater concern.

Man City keeper Joe Hart commented on the clubs web-site

"Liverpool’s going to be a difficult game, as is each one in this league and obviously we’re going to try and win, but the main thing is to get a positive result.

"The game is a great chance for the lads to really show what we can do now."

In discussing the new additions to the club and buying power of the ownership he noted:

"It’s not a bad thing, but at the same time, money can’t buy results."

The structure and pacing of this match is critical for Man City's efforts. Given he is healthy Mr. Martin Petrov needs to be penciled-in to orchestrate the flow of City and give it control. Marking and disciplined play must be the focus or Steven Gerrard and company will turn this into a long afternoon. I dare say for City fans, the glaring obvious weaknesses will be shed as Liverpool stops the Samba beat dead in its tracks.

Enjoy the match and I will report on it once it concludes.